Hello, world!

Or the “It’s all about you, baby” post. At least this is the way it should be. This is a post where you salute everyone on the blogosphere and say a few words about who you are, what you do, what you like/dislike. Why do that? Some might say because it’s polite. Why describing yourself? To ease one’s precious time when stumbling upon your blog, to give a few hints about what your blog is going to be [they say that a person’s way of writing is in deep connection with that person’s way of being] ? To do a self-analysis upon your person? Or to say the things and ways that you wish to be like, because, in fact, nobody can tell what you really are like? [When you know the answer, let me know it too, ok? ]

It’s not that I want to remain hidden or “stay in the shadows”, it’s just that I don’t believe that describing yourself is of very much interest to the others. If someone would like to know more about who I am and what am I really like, he/she’s free to ask, but until then I’ll stick to my posting-random-things-and-not-only.

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