Golden memories

It’s been a day and a half since I listen to only one song. It’s not the first time, nor it will be the last, but this song is different from any other obsession that I had. This song is like a drug, like a terrible addiction that I know it can harm me if I take too much of it but in the same time I know that I cannot let it go, no matter what. This song is absolutely amazing, in its every note and tone, it’s beautiful, it’s deep and it’s been some time since I felt like this because of a melody.

It’s giving me a mixture of feelings, each and every one of them at the highest intensity, it’s giving me shivers down the spine, it’s making my soul tremble, it carries me on the highest pitches of Heaven and in the next moment it brings me down in the depths of Hell, it makes me hopeful but in the same time it makes me extremely sad and helpless. It burns my chest with a terrible pain, as if no love is left in the world, it makes me smile and it makes me cry, but tears of sadness not of joy. It rips my heart out and it sews it back, it’s shattering me apart into millions of pieces and it brings me back together again.

It makes me remember memories I never had but somehow I feel I once knew, it takes me to places I’ve never been before but in a strange way I have a feeling I’ve already been there. It’s as if this song is as old as the world itself, it’s the kind of song that speaks without words, that tells one of the oldest stories of all times, a story that everyone understands without knowing and without thinking. It’s that special moment when you stop thinking and really start feeling, and when you do that you suddenly feel overwhelmed with all the intensity and multitude of feelings, phases and states of mind which you feel all together.

This song is my greatest discovery of all, so far, but I’m aware that it’s going to be my end, as well. It’s slowly taking over and I’m giving all of myself to it. Soon there will be no turning back.

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